Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pink - Movie Review

Ratings: 4/5 

Pink is a slap on face to a large section of society, who is judgmental about character of a woman based on some archaic pre-conceived notions. Pink shows the bitter, ugly and dark side of our society of which unfortunately we are a part of. To a large extent we should blame it to sick ideologies that have been passed in legacy from elder generation to younger ones in school, colleges, neighborhood playgrounds and social circle. 

Plot of the film is very simple and straightforward, which is a perfect recipe for monotonous cliched boring films. It takes the touch of a genius like Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (known for Bengali films Anuraran & Antaheen) to go deeper into the subject and present the social stigma in a hard hitting way. I absolutely loved the screenplay of Ritesh Shah, who made the film fast paced and gave us edge of the seat moments. 

Kudos to casting director for this ensemble cast, which was picked based on role demand and not historical box office success. Standing ovation to Amitabh Bachchan for immortalizing yet another memorable performance. He plays the role of an old lawyer suffering from bipolar disorder. Role demanded him to look physically frail, sick and with no scope of any "angry young man" hysterics. Yet, he marvels with his eyes speaking a million words and mesmerizes audience using his voice. Especially the scenes where he talks about rule book and cross examines SHO are outstanding. It is almost impossible for any other actor to do full justice to this role, the way Amitji has done. It is very difficult to become a mega star but even more difficult to be a star and yet remain a fantastic actor. I would also like to quote concluding line of Amitji which was essence of the film. "No is not a word but a sentence in itself. It doesn't need a logic or explanation. No just means No irrespective of who has said it. She could be a stranger, acquaintance, friend, girl friend, sex worker or even your wife. No still means No". 

Piyush Mishra as other lawyer is intimidating with his aggressive demeanor and shrewdness. However, this role is far from challenging for a talented actor like him. I would also like to applaud Taapsee Pannu for her choice of films and roles. After Baby and Pink, she establishes her identity as an actor who doesn't want to do cosmetic mannequin roles. Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang have limited roles, which they did pretty average. It was great to see veteran Dhritiman Chatterjee on screen after a long time. 

Pink is a small budget film made on 26 Crore (16 Cr Production + 10 Cr Marketing). It reinforces the idea that for a great film you don't need money and a big star cast but a great story with flawless execution. Pink is an eye opener and to a great extent educational film which should be mandatory to watch by every adult of this country. It would definitely calibrate the way society perceives modern women. This movie also supports and applauds the idea of liberation for women. After watching the film, I am of a strong opinion that it should be constitutional right of every women - "To have the freedom to drink, smoke and sleep with anyone without being labeled as a slut". 

Verdict: It is a serious hard hitting film. Must watch for everyone as such thought provoking films are rarely made in Bollywood. But, if you want to watch a light film which can make you a bit relaxed then may be you should reconsider your mood, get a bit serious and still watch this film. 

Viewing Instructions: Please don't take kids with you as it can be a bit disturbing for them. However, there aren't any explicit scenes or cuss words being used so safe to watch with your parents.

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