Monday, April 18, 2016

Veerappan - Trailer Review

Trailer Appeal - 4/5

RGV is back with a bang and this time with dreaded dacoit Veerappan slated to release on 27th May. Film is based on Operation Cocoon, which was to get Veerappan Dead or Alive. This was a mission headed by the Commander of the Tamil Nadu Special Task Force, Vijay Kumar, who masterminded the final assault on Veerappan. Vijay appoints Kannan, who is a non-conformist, one who would willingly flout rules as long as Veerappan is captured. Priya is by hired by Kannan to befriend Muthulakshmi, so that the STF can get closer to her husband Veerappan.

2 things that you instantly admire in the trailer are: 
- Sandeep Bhardwaj as merciless, fearless, tyrant Veerappan. He is a fantastic find by RGV and he brings alive Veerappan on screen. Sandeep is from NSD and with such stupendous acting he has a bringht career ahead in Bollywood. 
- Mesmerizing cinematography by Aniket Khandagale with superb VFX 

Sachiin J Joshi(Kannan), Usha Jadhav(Muthulakshmi) & Lisa Ray(Priya) are the other actors in the film. However, I strongly believe that this film would be known only for Sandeep Bhardwaj. Overall trailer is very gripping. Let's hope RGV is able to bounce back to his natural charm which has been missing for quite some time.

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