Monday, November 16, 2015

Singh is Bliing - Movie Review

Ratings: 1/5 

Singh is Bling(SIB) is a primitive senseless comedy (sorry tragedy) manufactured for front row audience of single screen theater. Humor in this film is inspired by jokers of Rambo circus, whose funny antics are capable to giggle only some toddlers. You can relate the humor quality of SIB with Sunny Deol genre movies like "Jo Bole So Nihal". One of the the scene is even inspired by Housefull of Sajid Khan. 

Akshay Kumar and Kay Kay Menon shouldn't pick up such crappy projects after doing films like "Baby" and "Haider". It only belittles their respect as a quality actor. Akshay Kumar's role is just an extension of his "Singh is King" role, where he played jerk of the century. Kay Kay menon looks like a famished psychotic goat with a funny pony tail. May be film's production company "Grazing Goat Pictures" motivated him for this look. Other than these 2 gentlemen all others are either B grade actors or out of job for a long time like Lara Dutta and Amy Jackson. Lara Dutta seems to have binged on Big Mac in last 2-3 years and have bloated twice her usual size. Amy Jackson is one mesmerizing creature, who always makes me wonder what capability she possesses to be on screen! 

Prabhudeva is one of the most talented choreographer and most incompetent director (after Sajid Khan) of Bollywood. He lives up to his expectation in SIB too. Every film of Prabhudeva sets a new benchmark of all time low quality. For some reason he thinks that cheap comedy of Vadivelu (One Joker in Tamil Cinema) is the epitome of creativity. There is a scene in film where various characters are pissing on each other in men's loo. That is heights of being gross! 

Film is shot in Romania and it conveniently becomes Goa and Romania with same set. Average Cinematography with most of the shots being just OK. Sorry, I couldn't find who is the script writer. Guess, they never had any script! Quality of music is at par with Anu Malik's composition. Meaningless, Cacophonous and pain to hear. Only song which I liked was Tung Tung Baje, which is composed by super talent Sneha Khanwalkar (of Anurag Kashyap Gang). 

In entire film, Akshay and Amy couldn't understand each other due to language barrier. Why couldn't they do dumb charades? Coz that also needs some amount of acting skill na.. Neither Prabhudeva nor Amy are qualified enough for that. Through out the film, Akshay gets bashed by everyone. Towards the end, he remembers the password to unlock his strength and he utters favorite dialogue of Sunny Paaji "Chidiyon ke sang baaz ladaun" and Raftaar becomes Neo of Matrix. Voila! 

Statutory Warning: Please pop a pill of Avomine with Caffeine before watching the film. Avomine won't let you puke and Caffeine won't let you doze off.

Verdict: I couldn't think of any reason for you to watch this film. My only motivation to watch it was to write a movie review. That's it! 

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