Monday, November 16, 2015

Manjhi - Movie Review

Manjhi - Movie Review

Ratings: 4 / 5

Bahut Bada Hai Tu. Bahut Akad Hai Tohra Mein. Dekh Kaise Ukadte Hain Akad Teri. There couldn't be a better tribute to Dashrath Manjhi and showcasing the saga of his unflinching arduous mammoth dream. Though, it is sad that it took so long for his "madness" to get recognized. I can bet that if people didn't know about Manjhi, no one would have even dared to pen a fictional script like this. 

I have always appreciated work of Nawazuddin Siddiqui but it is the first time that he has left me spellbound. By far, one of the best work done by him till date. From a romantic fun loving guy to an adamant gutsy old man. What variation, What emotions! If Irrfan will be remembered as Paan Singh, Nawaz would always be remembered as Manjhi. No one can touch your Filmfare this year Nawaz smile emoticon 

Phaguniya..Phaguniya.. Once again you have bowled me over yaar. Radhika Apte How effortlessly you can transition from a practical modern women in Hunterr to a seductress in Ahalya to a village damsel in Manjhi. Critics might call me insane, but I wouldn't resist from comparing her with legend Shabana Azmi. Today in Bollywood, Radhika Apte defines versatility and quality cinema. Please don't get lured by 100Cr Club and Karan Johars of the world. Earnest Request! 

Directors beware, old tiger is back on the prowl. In 2014, Rang Rasiya and in 2015 Manjhi- The Mountain Man. You totally rock Ketan Mehta. Welcome back to the pitch. We totally missed you in last 10 years since Mangal Pandey: The Rising in 2005. This film could have easily veered into the territory of boring documentaries. It requires the vision and expertise of an able director like Ketan to tell that compelling story infused with emotions and laced with the petals of romance. 

Tigmanshu Dhulia's character is straightaway lifted from GoW, which he must have done effortlessly. After watching Pankaj Tripathi in Masan, his role of Ruab in Manjhi was nothing more than chickenfeed. Most of the conversation has colloquial touch of Magahi but shouldn't be difficult to understand for Hindi audience. However, you might miss the intensity of those punches smile emoticon 

Due to absence of Khans, this movie won't touch any impressive financial figures but it'll be cherished forever in imdb lists of quality and meaningful cinema. 

Some of the lines which are absolutely clap worthy: 

1) Shaandar..Jabardast..Zindabaad! 

2) Bahut Bada Hai Tu. Bahut Akad Hai Tohra Mein. Dekh Kaise Ukadte Hain Akad Teri 

3) "Apna newspaper chalu karna asaan kaam nahi hai." 

    "Pahad tode bhi jaada muskil hai ka!" 

4) Bhagwan ke bharose mat baithiye, ka pata oo hamare bharose baitha ho! 

Verdict: Please watch it if you like to watch quality cinema. Should be watched with your better half smile emoticon 

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